Welcome to the Tech License Express, your gateway to copyrighted materials, exclusive patents, research tools and software created at The Ohio State University. The Tech License Express is a global marketplace for the vast amount of intellectual property at The Ohio State University that is created, but untapped. That’s simply to say, we can market these technologies through an online store presence to boost their reach and allowing anyone from academia or industry to browse and eventually acquire these assets! Many of these offerings are powerful tools and programs born in research labs from each college, center or department across campus. The Tech License Express is the showcase of what you can buy with a click of a button.

How does it work?

The Ohio State University has a vast intellectual property portfolio. The Tech License Express provides researchers, faculty and staff members an outlet to transfer their works to the public and capture value for their works through a single online platform. Simple agreements paired with offerings allow anyone the ability to see the many offerings the university has available. Some items are completely free, while others have a related price.

Looking to browse and buy?

Search the Express by keyword, type and context. Review the catalog, add it to your cart, create an account and purchase.

As the Tech License Express grows in offerings it will expand. Don’t see something you are looking for? Go to tco.osu.edu or email us at: help@techlicenseexpress.com and we'll help you find it.

Looking to Participate?

The Ohio State University researchers, staff and faculty members can submit their creations to the Tech License Express through our intake and evaluative process.

Stay tuned and check back as the Tech License Express will continue to grow with new offerings. Subscribe to our newsletter and stay up to date with new additions, related programs and efforts.