Intake and Evaluative Process

The Tech License Express marketplace is composed of select software, copyrighted content, and non-exclusive patents derived from The Ohio State University intellectual property. To participate in this marketplace you must be a staff, or faculty member of the university. Our process is built on four pillars.


Is your software, copyrighted content or patent a fit for the Tech License Express? In order to best serve our audience we require content to be sufficient in providing value, and as complete as possible. So for example in terms of smart phone applications, they must be tested and valid offerings through the Apple and Google app stores. If it is a copyrighted content guide, instructional material, or an electronic book, it must be complete. If it software, online service or downloadable executable it must be properly functioning. If it is a software development kit, database or algorithm element it must provide basis of working order or assembly.


The technology must be disclosed to the Technology Commercialization Office. By disclosing the technology you enable the Tech License Express team to engage with you and walk you through the steps of getting your project into this marketplace. Please visit for more information.


As part of our due diligence, we conduct an evaluation of the technology to ensure it is in working order and has documentation, if needed for purchase. Meta information is created as well related to the product are created here including: name, description, tags, related context, type, etc.


Putting the technology into the store is simple once the other steps are complete. Submitters are encouraged to provide as many added documents, help material, videos and images to help convey the value of the offerings. Pricing is set through the Technology Commercialization Office in collaboration with the creators, college units and departments.

The goal of the Tech License Express is to provide an online marketplace to educate, promote, and transfer the software and copyright content developed by world-class researchers of The Ohio State University.

For more questions, just ask us at: