Active Improvement Management System (AIMS)

The Active Improvement Management System (AIMS) is an innovative visual platform for the organization of continuous process improvement endeavors. By engaging the entire team in problem identification, they are empowered to problem solve and subsequently address barriers to quality improvement in real time. Benefits of using the streamlined physical system include:

  • Providing a means for visually tracking new ideas and projects underway
  • Establishing a sense of accountability among all team members as they work towards project goals
  • Streamlining open communication regardless of physical location
  • Sharing enablers, barriers, and best practices to reduce duplicative efforts
  • Presenting pertinent data to ensure decisions are well informed and driven by evidence
  • Leveraging the perspective, talents, and experience of every member of the team to improve operations

The product contains a digital PDF download for the AIMS Project Management Board. Recommended size for printing is 66 X 44 on dry erase/glossy material. 

The portfolio also includes Idea Cards and the Ambulatory Continuous Quality and Process Improvement Training and Procedural Manual.