Are you tired of seeing trash on the ground? Tired of inhaling second hand smoke? Well now it is time for the problem to be addressed. The CleanerU app is the solution.

 -CleanerU is an app that was developed by a faculty member of OSU’s College of Public Health.

-CleanerU gives users the option of choosing whether their campus is clean or “can be cleaner,” through a survey/report option within the app. Statistics are taken directly from the student reports and surveys. Results are then posted to reflect the students beliefs.

-There is also an option to upload photos. Uploading a photo and noting whether there is an active smoker in the area, as well as what kind of litter is around helps so that others are aware of the problems. The location of where the picture was taken is automatically attached and placed on a map all users can browse. CleanerU will allow for opinons to be heard and problems to be solved.

CleanerU is the next step to having the clean campus you deserve.


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