ColorBySpectra Academic Use

Academic Use - Free for academic users

This version is intended for academic use. For commercial or private use, please see the version here.

ColorBySpectra makes the tedious, multi-step process of converting raw UV-Vis spectra to color spaces easier than ever, with as few as three clicks. Simply select your data, choose a light source, and let ColorBySpectra handle the complex math to calculate color. Let ColorBySpectra do the work for you!



Color Spaces: ColorBySpectra supports CIEL*a*b*, CIEL*c*h*, Tristimulus XYZ, and HunterLab.

Save $$$: With ColorBySpectra, color data can be obtained from spectral data obtained with any simple spectrophotometer, instead of requiring the use of a specialized instrument.

Save time: Instead of running a single sample at a time, a more automated instrument such as a plate reader can be used, with bulk data converted to color in just a few clicks.

See the light: Choose from several popular illuminants including noon daylight (D65), incandescent lighting (A), and cool white fluorescence (F2).

Flexibility: With ColorBySpectra, users have the option to use dynamic sample volumes, and varying wavelength ranges and intervals. The limitations presented by a specialized instrument that are no longer necessary. Small wavelength intervals provide more accurate color data.

Requirements: Java 8 or higher.