KineScribe reimagines LabanWriter for the touch screen, allowing you to write dances in Laban movement notation and quickly edit scores and symbols. Development of this app was supported by Reed College and the National Endowment for the Humanities, with the cooperation of The Ohio State University.


Make Scores: KineScribe creates and edits structured notation scores on the staff, Motif scores, and scores using Language of Dance.


Read Scores: KineScribe reads all scores imported from LabanWriter.


Edit Scores: KineScribe edits scores created in-app or with LabanWriter.


Symbol Palette: Includes directions, levels, paths, rotations, bows, staff, floor plan, text input, and more. App updates will increase the number of available symbols and modifications.


Tools: Choose graph paper or plain background. Make multiple-page scores. Choose from 20 colors for each symbol.


Save and Share: Email KineScribe files as PDFs from in-app command. Read, edit, and print saved KineScribe files in LabanWriter through iTunes sync.


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