Mouse Model: B6.129S6-Tg (CAG-Bgeo,-SMN2)E9Dscd/J

Brief Description: These Tg hSMN2 E9 inducible SMN transgenic mice have a loxP-flanked β-geo STOP cassette preventing transcription of a downstream full-length human SMN2 cDNA sequence (exons 1-8). Prior to Cre recombinase exposure, β-galactosidase (lacZ) expression is directed to widespread tissues by the CMV-IE enhancer/chicken β-actin/rabbit β-globin hybrid promoter, and no human SMN2 expression is observed. When bred to mice that express Cre recombinase, the resulting offspring will have the floxed β-geo STOP cassette deleted in the cre-expressing tissues; resulting in expression of full-length human SMN2 in cre-expressing tissues (and continued lacZ expression in other tissues).

Genetic Background 

Allele Name: Transgene insertion E9

Allele Type: Transgenic (Conditional ready (e.g. floxed), Humanized sequence, Inserted expressed sequence, Reporter)

Gene Symbol: Tg(cag-Bgeo,-SMN2)E9Dscd

Site of Expression: lacZ expression is seen in all cells prior to Cre recombination. After cre excision of the floxed- lacZ-neo cassette, human SMN2 is expressed in cre-expressing tissues.

  • Faculty Lab

           Dawn S. Chandler

  • Relevant Publication

Generation of a tamoxifen inducible SMN mouse for temporal SMN replacement.

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