Mouse Model: C57BL/6N-Il1r1tm1Quan/J

Brief Description: The interleukin 1 type I receptor restore allele (IL-1R1r) is a functional null prior to Cre recombinase exposure. These mice allow Cre recombinase-inducible restoration of functional IL-1R1 expression, and visualization of IL-1R1-expressing cells with concordant labeling of IL-1R1 mRNA (by tdTomato fluorescence) and protein (by 3xHA epitope). IL-1R1r mice may be useful for studying cell-type-specific functions of IL-1R1 in neuroimmunity and neuroinflammation.

Genetic Background

Allele Name: Targeted mutation 1

Allele Type: Targeted (Conditional ready (e.g. floxed), Null/Knockout, Reporter)

Gene Symbol: Il1r1, interleukin 1 receptor, type I, mouse, laboratory

Site of Expression: Hemagglutinin epitope tags (HA), tdTomato, and Il1r1 will be expressed in in the cytoplasm of IL-1R1 mRNA-producing cells following Cre recombinase exposure.

  • Faculty Lab

           Ning Quan

  • Relevant Publication

Interleukin 1 type 1 receptor restore: a genetic mouse model for studying interleukin 1 receptor-mediated effects in specific cell types.

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