Ohio State Fair 4-H

There's no place like the Ohio State Fair! It's the premier showcase for 4-H'ers to share what they've learned and worked on in 4-H throughout the year. At the Fair, we celebrate the successes of thousands of kids who've learned and grown through 4-H.


With the Ohio 4-H State Fair app, you can...


* view detailed schedules

* check out all the results by project type, name, city or even county

* keep updated on the latest happenings

* find your way around with the fair maps

* create a custom list of events you don't want to miss

* snap a photo souvenir and share it with your friends


The State Fair is also a prime opportunity for 4-H'ers to:


* cultivate skills they've learned in 4-H projects

* put their life skills and good character to work

* discover areas they'd like to learn more about

* meet other kids and adults


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