The CCS App offers easy-to-use multimedia strategies to feel better fast! Taken from positive psychology and mindfulness skills, the app connects you to usable tools that help promote wellness, balance, and calm. From breathing exercises, guided imagery for test anxiety, and a musical playlist to cheer you up, these skills connect you with in-the-moment ways to reduce anxiety, stave off depression, and hack into happiness! It provides a variety of ways to access our services, information on additional mental health resources on campus, and emergency contact information at your fingertips. Key Features: Contact Information at Your Fingertips: Access our services by calling our number, visit our website, and make an appointment. Need help locating us—a GPS-enabled map will help you find us from wherever you are. What To Do While You Wait: Access information on our drop-in workshops provided to all students on a weekly/daily basis, locate additional campus resources, or follow us on our social media youtube, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. Stress Busting: Feeling anxious? Check out these in-the-moment relaxation exercises that will help you stay calm, prepare for a test, or overcome stress. These audio and visual activities will help you bust the stress in your life. Hack Into Happiness: Feeling down or in a funk? These strategies are taken from positive psychology and can change your mood from funk to fulfilled. They include techniques to cultivate gratitude, kindness and mindfulness. Feel Better Fast: Are you in need of a mood booster? Check out our musical playlist that will cheer you up fast, or try a guided imagery, watch a video, or tap into your senses to get yourself grounded in the present and not focused on your worry. Special Note: This App is meant as a tool to promote access to counseling services and skills that promote mental well-being. It is in no way a substitute for in-person counseling services. If you are in need of services, please contact CCS at 614-292-5766.


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