Plant Varietal: Oats- Certified Oats: Burton

The Ohio State University, Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center announces the release of BURTON spring oats. Burton is a productive oat cultivar bred for Ohio and surrounding states. It is a high yielding line, similar to Armor, averaging over 16% higher in yield than Ogle in Ohio tests from 1992 through 1994. Burton is similar to Armor in appearance and in resistance to lodging but is somewhat taller. It is midseason in maturity being equal to Armor and a day later than Ogle. Burton has excellent test weight averaging over 35 lbs./bu. in Ohio tests. Burton is less tolerant to the Barley Yellow Dwarf Virus than either Armor or Ogle but is similar to Noble. Burton does not possess resistance to prevalent races of crown rust and should not be grown in areas in which this disease is a problem.


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