Plant Varietal: Soybeans- Certified Conventional: Wyandot 14

WYANDOT 14 is a 2012 release of the Ohio State University (OSU). This variety has a very good yield record and serves as a replacement for Wyandot. Resistance to Phytophthora is realized with the presence of the Rps3a gene. This 2.9 maturity variety has white flowers, gray pubescence, brown pods and yellow (clear) hila. Wyandot 14 is specially adapted to the northern half of Ohio soybean growing regions, where soybean aphid and powdery mildew are likely pests. In six different yield environments over a three year period Wyandot 14 had higher or equal seed yields compared to Wyandot. Seed size, seed protein and seed oil content is similar to Wyandot. This variety has indeterminate growth habit and equal or superior agronomic attributes than Wyandot.

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