Plant Varietal: Wheat- Certified Wheat: Kokosing

Kokosing (OH-08-206-69) is a 2016 Certified variety Ohio State University release. This is a non-protected variety whose yield performance on the average is 13 bu./acre higher than “Malabar” and “Bromfield”, three days earlier in maturity, and two to three inches shorter in height than both of the previously mentioned varieties. In addition, this variety has excellent foliar ratings as regards foliage health and good FHB resistance, strong straw strength and below average test weight. It is resistant to Powdery Mildew and Staganospora leaf blotch and moderately resistant to Stripe Rust. This variety has tan colored chaff and is apically awnletted. Kokosing is a three generation (F, R, &C) Certified variety with a royalty of $.01/lb. for Registered and Certified seed classes sold. Seed stock will be maintained by Ohio Foundation Seeds, Inc.


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