Saving Hearts

Heart Disease is very common, but also very avoidable. Saving Hearts is an application for women that want to avoid heart disease. The app is based on a study of 5,721 healthy women by Dr. Martha Gulati, Director of Preventative Cardiology and Women's Cardiovascular Health at Ohio State University. We must first bring your attention to the problems with the heart rate formula when applied toward women. Few know that the max heart rate formula (220-your age) is only applicable for men. The app will calculate your correct max heart rate and help you track your heart health.

"Saving Hearts" uses a scientifically validated algorithm to calculate target heart rate and gives regular feedback on intensity of your exercise to make it easy and intuitive for Women to reduce their heart disease risk factors. Dr. Martha Gulati, also wrote a book on her research available on Amazon - Saving Women's Hearts.



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