Simple Suppers

The Technology

Researchers at The Ohio State University, led by Dr. Carolyn Gunther, developed Simple Suppers, a nutrition education/cooking curriculum of ten different lessons designed to encourage limited-resource families to establish healthy eating behaviors. Simple Suppers consists of lessons plan aimed at exploring the benefits and constraints of healthy home-cooking for families with limited resources and is accompanied with a collection of recipes. Unlike traditional cookbooks, the recipes were created with inexpensive, easily-accessible ingredients that can provide a well-balanced meal for the family.

These recipes can provide families with a meal option that provides children and adolescents with the necessary nutrients for growth as well as opportunities to learn about and be involved with meal preparation. The lessons covered in the program teach families how to manage their resources when planning and preparing meals using budgets and time-saving strategies, how to compare various food options and sizes for meals, and how to get everyone involved in establishing a healthy diet. Simple Suppers is evidence-based and has been field-tested with preliminary data indicating increased frequency of family meals and improvements in certain child dietary behavior.

Commercial Applications

  • Nutritional classes for students in schools
  • Community learning classes for families
  • Training for new families or those looking to improve health
  • University extension programs


  • Easy to understand curriculum
  • Designed specifically for young children
  • Use in field tests increased family meals and improve child dietary outcomes

What's Included:

A PDF of the curriculum