Time Motion Studies (TMS) have proved to be the gold standard method to measure and quantify clinical workflow, and have been widely used to assess the impact of health information systems implementation. Although there are tools available to conduct TMS, they provide different approaches for multitasking, interruptions, inter-observer reliability assessment and task taxonomy, making results across studies not comparable. We postulate that a significant contributing factor towards the standardization and spread of TMS would be the availability and spread of an accessible, scalable and dynamic tool. We present the development of a comprehensive Time Capture Tool (TimeCaT): a web application developed to support data capture for TMS. Ongoing and continuous development of TimeCaT includes the development and validation of a realistic inter-observer reliability scoring algorithm, the creation of an online clinical tasks ontology, and a novel quantitative workflow comparison method.

Purchasable on a PER study basis.

Key features:

Accurate Data
The Touch-timestamp feature allows observers to redirect their attention to the environment being studied. Additionally, the capability to correct data during the observation ensures clean data for the principal investigator. Multi-Tasking
Our novel 3-dimensional approach to capturing multi-tasking provides an easy, accurate and reliable means for recording real-world complex multi tasking scenarios. Inter-Observer Reliability
The In-depth Inter-Observer Reliability Assessments (I.O.R.A.) module provides a qualitative and a quantitative approach to validating your observers' accuracy prior to real data capture. Real-time reports
No need to sync mobile devices: our cloud-based system maintains a unique registry for your studies and is always synced to provide access to real-time reports on your observations. Scheduling Module
The intrinsic variability of clinical workflow demands a representative sampling and scheduling of observations. TimeCaT facilitates this with an observations scheduling module. Multi-site capable
Studying multiple sites? Working in different time zones? TimeCaT records events in UNIX time, a unique synchronized time-stamp that easily handles multiple time-zones and daylight saving time.